Senior Program manager

What We Need

We are looking for an experienced program manager to join our ever-growing team to lead in bridging the gap between internal and external stakeholders and building out just enough process to keep operations running smoothly. You will be an agent of change to lift all parts of the organization and advance our overall vision of bringing physical clothing experiences to the digital space.

Each day at Avametric is different with new and exciting opportunities to build and innovate, but here are a few things we’re excited for you to work on:

  • Partnering with stakeholders at all levels, both internal and external, to drive smooth completion

  • Identifying and tracking key milestones to keep projects running on schedule

  • Communicating with external brand partners to ensure receipt of necessary partner assets and release of completed project deliverables

  • Being a resource for technical product owners to help make their projects and processes run better

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Who You Are

You seek to affect change both within our teams and for the fashion and retail industry and utilize your skills in bold and interesting ways. 

To succeed in this position, we’d foresee that you...

  • Communicate proactively and effectively

  • Enjoy creating order out of chaos

  • Strive to strike a balance between driving process and maintaining speedy decision-making and fluidity

  • Are patient, solutions-oriented, and delight in creative problem-solving

  • Have a positive outlook, are self-motivated, and take initiative

  • Delight in solving problems collaboratively


  • 4+ years of experience in program and project management, including both retail and technology

  • Familiarity being the point-of-contact between internal and external stakeholders

  • Experience working with developers and engineers

Mastery of...

  • Project management methodology

Proficient in...

  • Agile Process

In a perfect world...

  • Scrum

  • Pivotal Tracker

  • Apparel/Fashion

Who We Are

Avametric is a software and technology company working to revolutionize the fashion and apparel industries by working with fashion brands, their customers, and their supply chain to provide accurate 3D visualization of any garment on any body. Founded in 2012, we have grown to a top-of-class team with expertise across high-end visual effects, fashion & retail, and design & technology. Our software platform provides automated content creation for brands, retail & eCommerce sales tools, and increased efficiency in garment design & development. By working on both enterprise-facing tools for pre-sample visualization and consumer-facing tools for virtual fitting rooms, we transform key experiences in the retail pipeline and bring traditionally physical experiences to the digital space.

As of Fall 2018, Avametric has joined forces under the umbrella of apparel industry veteran Gerber technology as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Through this continued and expanded partnership, we’re excited about driving innovation and transformation to the design, manufacture, and commerce potential of apparel customers around the world.