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Our solutions create a pipeline that can lift all aspects of a fashion & apparel business.

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Innovating for design 

Design and manufacture business models have been roughly the same for decades. It’s time to make a change. Through our partnership with industry-giant Gerber Technology, we offer uniquely accurate visualizations of garments prior to sampling or manufacture. By seeing what a garment looks like as a 3D digital model, fashion partners can reduce both their product development timelines and sampling waste, empowering them to make decisions faster and more efficiently.

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innovating for retail

eCommerce is the future of retail, but it hadn’t fixed the fit problem yet. That is, until now. We partner with fashion brands to digitize their garments with our industry-leading cloth simulation engine and 3D tools. Giving customers the ability to see how clothing will actually fit arms them with the information to make more satisfactory decisions and have a better customer experience.

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innovating for experience

Using our augmented reality app, FittingRoom by Avametric, consumers can have a realistic virtual try-on experience in their own home. After inputting some information about themselves, we can create a personalized mannequin for them to try-on clothes of varying sizes to find their perfect fit. 

Download the iOS Fitting Room App (iPhone 6S and later running iOS 11)


Leaders Across Industries

Our team is built from leaders of their respective industries. We are leaders in high-end Hollywood visual effects and innovators in fashion & retail. We are thinkers of design & tools and forward-thinking researchers in computer graphics and simulation. Our perspectives are stronger together.

The blend of our experiences, perspectives, skills, and backgrounds cross every industry that is vital to solving the problems we look at today. And, together, we will revolutionize the fashion industry by bringing traditionally physical experiences to the digital space.

Partner Spotlight:
    Ann Taylor

See how Ann Taylor uses Avametric technology to offer virtual try-on to their customers. 


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