INternship opportunities

Avametric is excited to offer internship opportunities to ambitious and talented students interested in the industry-leading work we’re doing. These opportunities are perfect for you if you… 

  • Derive value from scientific discussion and finding practical applications for research
  • Enjoy tackling projects, not only head-on, but from all sides
  • Delight in solving problems collaboratively
  • Are intrigued by work at all levels from building strategy to hands-on execution
  • Communicate proactively and effectively
  • Have a positive outlook, are self-motivated, and take initiative

Computer Graphics & Vision Research

Objective: To automatically capture the visual properties of cloth

Timeline: 3-4 months

During this internship, you would be responsible for building a software prototype of a lighting and capture setup that can automatically capture complex BRDFs (bidirectional reflectance distribution functions). If the results are promising, you will have the opportunity to build a hardware prototype.  There will be potential opportunities to explore machine learning during this internship This is an incredible opportunity if you are interested in problem-solving, owning a project end-to-end with guidance and mentorship of our industry-leading team, and the exciting intersection of computer graphics and computer vision.


  • Pursuing a graduate degree in a field related to computer graphics, computer vision, or computational photography

  • Proficient in C++, Python, or Matlab

  • Comfortable in linear algebra

  • Familiarity with image processing & camera processing pipelines, image calibration

  • Understanding of the types of texture maps commonly used in rendering


Objective: To improve the infrastructure of our internal technology workflow

Timeline: 3-4 months

During this internship, you would integrate yourself into our current technology workflow and make recommendations to improve our existing infrastructure.

This is a fantastic opportunity if you are looking to get real-life work experience in a product and solutions-oriented environment and are excited by the idea of investigating and advising on our infrastructure with guidance and mentorship of our industry-leading team. 


  • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or a related field
  • Able to code in Python and write shell scripts
  • Can quickly deploy databases and other cloud services
  • Knowledge of Linux & Mac package management
  • Comfortable with common coding paradigms and design patterns


Objective: To continuously improve our simulation engine for use in both enterprise and consumer products

Timeline: Ongoing

During this internship, you would work within our simulation development team to bring products based off of physical simulation research to life. This is a perfect opportunity if you are looking to dip your toe into product-oriented simulation development and gain real-life work experience outside of a lab. 


  • Pursuing a graduate degree in physical simulation including cloth, deformable solids, or fluids
  • Proficient in C++, Linear Algebra & Vector Calculus, and Non-Linear Solvers