Avametric technology enables brands to deliver accurate 3D renderings of their apparel & accessories on customizable digital body models for web, mobile, and AR.




Augmented reality apps

Avametric has created the world's first augmented reality 3D fit applications. 

Download the iOS Fitting Room App (iPhone 6S and later running iOS 11)

Or click here to see a video demo of the Gap Dressing Room App developed by Avametric for Google TANGO AR.


E-commerce tRy On

Our interactive e-commerce tool improves conversion and reduces returns by allowing users to visualize multiple items and sizes on a personalized virtual body model. The API based tool is fully responsive and works seamlessly with most web and mobile sites. 

See our product live with the below partners: 

Ann Taylor

 Alternative Apparel


3D design & Development

Avametric supports an end-to-end eco-system of 3D visualization tools that allows brands to create and/or view 3D assets for the design and development process.

We are proud to partner with Gerber Technology to power forthcoming 3D software. Read more here

Body and Fabric Simulation


Avametric technology creates digital garments that faithfully reproduce their real world equivalents. We then render the garments over the user’s body model with the thickness, weight and texture of the fabrics all beautifully realized.



The Team

We are a team of fashion vets, engineering gurus, technology-obsessed scientists, savvy investors and visual effects experts wielding Academy Awards. We have come together and applied our dazzling array of talents to create the user experience our brand partners and their customers require. We hire for individual excellence, congeniality and immaculate good taste.



We have worked with over 100 brands and have completed over 80 partnership deals. We love fashion, we know fashion, and we want to improve the industry.


Our visual effects experts have appeared in the credit roll of over 45 films and have received two Academy Awards for their efforts. Having applied their CGI gloss to films like Jurassic Park and Minority Report, the team is now bringing their skill to Avametric.


Computer Science PhDs? Six. Masters degrees? Five. Computer Science Professors? One. Our abundantly qualified technical team gets things done.


Our board is backed by Keith Rabois at Khosla Ventures with Ivy Ross advising as an independent member. They work to guide Avametric as we revolutionize how clothing is bought online.






We would love to discuss how Avametric can work to help you and your customers.
Our skills are only outmatched by our enthusiasm, and we look forward to sharing both with you. Get in touch.

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